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The Doctor Is On The Market

Artist: William S. Burroughs

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Label: LTM
Catalog No: LTM V:XX
Format: Vinyl Lp


A1 Twilight's Last Gleamings 2:10
A2 The Doctor Is On The Market 9:55
A3 Old Sarge Smiles 3:27
A4 From Here To Eternity 3:24
A5 Meeting Of International Conference Of Technical Psychiatry 4:53
B1 Excerpt From Ah Pook Is Here 11:59
B2 Excerpt From Junkie 7:25
B3 Towers Open Fire 2:00



Track A2 from "Cities of the Red Night".
Track A3 from "The Wild Boys".
Track A4 from "Exterminator".
Track A5 from "The Naked Lunch".
Track B3 from "Nova Express".

Special thanks to W.S. Burroughs and James Grauerholz.
Thanks Paul Hammond.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Brion Gysin.