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MAP 7 No.1 (Another Installment Of Hiss)

Artist: MAP

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Label: MAP Tapes
Catalog No: MAP Tapes MAP7
Format: Tape
A1 Play For Today  
A2 Links The World  
A3 Dominate And Be Great  
A4 Oh! Soweto  
A5 Begin Begging  
A6 Enduring Is Endearing  
A7 Anyone Can Be...  
A8 Siberian Swing  
A9 Images Of Youth  
B1 You're My Heaven  
B2 Computershop  
B3 Play Again Tomorrow  
B4 Ralph Was Right!  
B5 Funtime  
B6 94 Days  
B7 Generator  
B8 Vanity Sluts  
B9 You've Lost That Loving Feeling  
Map is a series of 10 Tapes in Total. This is 1/10