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((Infected) Wound) - Ein ExperimentOmnia Quia SuntnoneNot on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
(QSO)Phenomenai Musiques Nouvelles, MN 007Musiques Nouvelles1982United KingdomTape
(QSO)Phenomenai ZC 60.004Syzygy1983United KingdomTape
*****.**********,*****"/1 1 + 1 0011 + 11982AustraliaTape
...Of Tanz Victims110 years liveBunker Records 04Bunker Records1986CanadaTape
...Of Tanz VictimsHoliday in SiberiaBunker Records 01Bunker Records1986CanadaTape
...Of Tanz VictimsMetal VampireBunker Records 00Bunker Records1986CanadaTape
1/2 Japanese1/2 LivenoneNot on Label (self-released)1979United StatesTape
1/2 JapaneseB.K.A. 10¹º Watts (Cass, Album)Calypso Now; MJ-46Calypso Now1984SwitzerlandTape
1/2 JapaneseB.K.A. 10¹º Watts (Cass, Album)noneNot on Label (self-released)1984United StatesTape
1/2 JapaneseNot Fade AwaynoneNot on Label (self-released)1974United StatesTape
1/2 Japanese½ Gentlemen / Not BeastsnoneNot on Label (self-released)1979United StatesTape
1/2 Japanese & Velvet MonkeysBig Big SunKK1986United StatesTape
10 Ord20 Hårde - 20 ToughBasedofv 005Basedofv1983DenmarkTape
10 OrdsameBasedofv 003Basedofv1982DenmarkTape
10-Speed GuillotineDemoInternational Terrorist NetworkInternational Terrorist Network (I.T.N.)0United StatesTape
10-Speed GuillotineHoliday For Strychnine Harsh Reality Music; HR232 Harsh Reality Music1990United StatesTape
10-Speed GuillotineLaptop AppetizerInternational Terrorist NetworkInternational Terrorist Network (I.T.N.)0United StatesTape
10-Speed GuillotineMetts Hatchet ManInternational Terrorist NetworkInternational Terrorist Network (I.T.N.)0United StatesTape
10-Speed GuillotinePort SinisterInternational Terrorist Network; ITN#53 International Terrorist Network (I.T.N.)1992United StatesTape
122 Actualites Minute122 Actualites MinutenoneNot on Label (self-released)1985FranceTape
13 Frater 13The Lord Is May Shepherd Opus Dei, OPUS 07Opus Die Society1985NetherlandsTape
13481348Watergate Tapes; 01Watergate Tapes1983United StatesTape
134814f13Sound of Pig; sop157Sound of Pig Music1988United StatesTape
134814f13Sound of Pig, SOP 157Sound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
1348Crystal NightKorm Plastics, kp 1388 Ltd, C60Korm Plastics1988NetherlandsTape
1348EnthusiasmWatergate Tapes; 13Watergate Tapes1987United StatesTape
1348La Revolution d'abord et toujoursnoneNot on Label (self-released)1983United StatesTape
1348OnionWatergate Tapes; WT 007Watergate Tapes1986United StatesTape
1348Passionate Overview Forthcoming Destructive Technologies (Cass, Album, C90)Watergate Tapes; 02Watergate Tapes1984United StatesTape
1348Six Girls In Search Of A HeavenWatrergate Tapes; WT 020Watergate Tapes2000United StatesTape
1348The Black Death is inevitableWatergate Tapes, 1Watergate Tapes0Tape
1348 Meats Ken UmbertoGemeinschaftgefühlWatergate Tapes; 03Watergate Tapes1989United StatesTape
14-TH-1PhantasielandTriste Tage Tapes, 001Triste Tage Tapes0GermanyTape
150 Murderous PassionsThe 150 Murderous Passions (C60RRR / UDT06RRRecords1987United StatesTape
180°83-84 GO!Présence, Pre 005Présence1983BelgiumTape
2 Car FamilyLook for MoreWarped RecordzWarped Recordz1988United StatesTape
2000 PlusDramatic2000 Plus Prod 868752000 Plus Prod1988NetherlandsTape
23 SkidooLivenoneSisyfoss Editions1983DenmarkTape
23 SkidooLive Berlin first and 2nd appearanceNot on Label0Tape
23 SkidooLive Loft 16. Mai 83Not on Label1983GermanyTape
23 SkidooLive London 29.9.1982 Final AcademyLMT 070LMT1982GermanyTape
23 SkidooSeven SongsFetish RecordsFetish Records0United KingdomVideo
23 Skidoo / Last Few DaysFinal Academy 29.9.82 / Brixton 30.9.82noneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
23rd SpaceTime To Wake UpnoneIQ Vertrieb1985GermanyTape
260I'm afraid of DeathDD.Records, DT015DD. Records1981JapanTape
262For fun & ProfitTerminal Music, TCAS 01Terminal Music1980United KingdomTape
262Houdini's Geister-KabinettTerminal Music, TCAS 13Terminal Music1982United KingdomTape
2iNever Pet a Burning Dogi Tapes 3i Tapes1984United StatesTape
3 Men Pissing In The Rain3 Pissing in the Rainself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1987GermanyTape
3 Men Pissing In The RainSamenoneNot on Label (self-released)1988GermanyTape
3 von der AnstaltLife 04.83 Berlin Loft Der Eiserne Gustaf1983GermanyTape
3 Way DanceWhatever Happened To The Sulky Boys?Adventures in Reality, ARR 003Adventures in Reality1981United KingdomTape
30 MinutesThe Classification series (all C.30)Falling A Records and Publishing, Experimental bus service 10Falling A Records And Publishing1984United KingdomTape
32 Guájar's FáragüitAntilogia V0cevérsicaSorollsec, SSOC1Sorollsec1983SpainTape
32 Guájar's FáragüitCrom 48Linea Alternativa, L.A.P. 3, C46Sorollsec1989SpainTape
32 Guájar's FáragüitCrom 48Sorollsec, SSOC2Sorollsec1985SpainTape
32 Guájar's FáragüitProgramarraxEGK 019EGK1987SpainTape
32 Guájar's FáragüitProgramarraxLinea Alternativa, L.A.P. 10Linea Alternativa1989SpainTape
360 SoundLink to LinkF.D.R. Tapes 052F.D.R. Tapes0United StatesTape
360 SoundRandom Sound Generating An Electric MayhemF.D.R. Tapes 006F.D.R. Tapes1994United StatesTape
360 SoundThe State Of AffairsF.D.R. Tapes 005F.D.R. Tapes1994United StatesTape
360 SoundTofu & TobaccoF.D.R. Tapes, 086F.D.R. Tapes1997United StatesTape
360 SoundZero ParkFDR Tapes; #071FDR Tapes1998United StatesTape
37 PinkBoot Whip T I VExtremeExtreme0AustraliaTape
37 PinkCorrective JusticeGreyscale; noneGreyscale0United StatesTape
37 PinkLa Temptacíon BrutalExtremeExtreme0AustraliaTape
37 PinkLa Temptacíon BrutalExtremeExtreme0Tape
37 PinkRegula FideiExtremeExtreme0Tape
37 PinkRegula FideiExtremeExtreme0AustraliaTape
37 PinkThe Bleeding PatientExtremeExtreme0AustraliaTape
37 PinkThe Bleeding PatientExtremeExtreme0Tape
38th ParallelDemononeNot on Label (self-released)1982United KingdomTape
391No Easy Way OutFashionable Trousers, FT 002 (Fu2)Fashionable Trousers1981United KingdomTape
391SoundtractsnoneNot on Label (self-released)1981United KingdomTape
391View from HearImage Factory, I.F. C02Image Factory1984United KingdomTape
391 / MerzThe Child's Dilemma / BloodscreamFashionable Trousers, FT 004 (FR004)Fashionable Trousers1980United KingdomTape
40 Sekunden ohne GewichtLive - Pumpe Kiel 25/6/1991lmtd.50Not on Label (self-released)1991Tape
400 BlowsThe Good Clean English FistDojo, DOJOTC 14 1984United KingdomTape
418Organize Hey!1987NetherlandsTape
4712Brigaden der SehnsuchtDiskret Label, DL 04Diskret Label1981GermanyTape
4712Helden Der BergeDiskret Label, DL 06Diskret Label1982GermanyTape
4712Jahre der EnthaltsamkeitDiskret Label, DL 09Diskret Label1982GermanyTape
4712KontraktionDiskret Label, DL 02Diskret Label1981GermanyTape
48 CamerasPromotional Copy Promo 139 K's Records139 K's Records1985BelgiumTape
4D4D (Dreidmensional / Personalite)Walters Lust LabelWalters Lust Label1981GermanyTape
4D4D (What is Going on, Intermezzo)WunderwerkeWunderwerke1982GermanyTape
4QThe Very Breast Of…Music & Elsewhere; M&E 283Music & Elsewhere1995United KingdomTape
5 HTMeeting with the Loft SpiritVerening Utchat; none Verening Utchat1982NetherlandsTape
5 Strunksjeile WisenteGuitarsolos & QuarkstullenDOM 77, 10DOM1985GermanyTape
59 ReasonsComplicityself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1995United KingdomTape
59 ReasonsJanuary 1995self-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1995United KingdomTape
5ive Ximes Of Dust5XODMAP Tapes- Amp002MAP Tapes1981United KingdomTape
5ive Ximes Of Dust5XOD - 5ive Ximes Of Dust 5XODC60 Not on Label (self-released)1982United KingdomTape
5ive Ximes Of DustBefore The Beginning We Were Living - I can't hear you anymoreQuick Stab Productions, Prod 18Quick Stab Productions1982United KingdomTape
5ive Ximes Of DustThe Black TapeStichting Stopcontact, CC05Stichting Stopcontact1984NetherlandsTape
5ive Ximes Of DustThe Black TapeQuick Stab Productions, Prod 21Quick Stab Productions1983United KingdomTape
5ive Ximes Of DustYum Yum Music AlbumStichting Stopcontact, CC09Stichting Stopcontact1983NetherlandsTape
60 Cycle HumConnectionDancing Bear Audio ResearchDancing Bear Audio Research0United StatesTape