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Punishment Block

Artist: Mystery Plane

Year: 1983
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now, COL, 98
Format: Tape
A1 Blowing Up A Train (Graveyard Blues)  
A2 Burning Desire  
A3 Find Some Body  
A4 Nosedive  
A5 Food For Him  
A6 Death Sentence  
A7 Pigsty Café  
B1 When The £ Runs Out  
B2 My Obsession  
B3 This Is Your Life  
B4 New Bride  
B5 Punishment Block  
B6 Hello Dummy  
  • Bass – Nigel Lackey (tracks: B4)
  • Drums – Dave Morgan
  • Electric Guitar – Spike Hendry (tracks: A2)
  • Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer – Gary Gipps, Gerry O'Connell
  • Sequenced By – Nigel Lackey
  • Synthesizer – Catherine O'Connell
  • Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer – Doctor Zero
"Written and produced by The Mystery Plane 1982"

License release of a Color Tapes original (color 3), using covers from the original, some with the UK label adress of 'Color Tapes', some of 'Color Disc & Tapes' on a sticker; cassette manufactured in Switzerland. Catalogue number may not appear on the release.